Want To Know It All? This Is The Best Game Changer

It's no secret I'm a lifelong lover of knowledge. From my love of Pocket, to online learning websites, and even online museums, I think I may have a borderline addiction to knowledge at this point. (And I'm totally going to Google that later to see if there is an actual term for 'knowledge addiction', although if somebody happens to know the answer, please share it in the comments!) I should add, I don't necessarily need to 'know it all', but I certainly like knowing as much as I possibly can. If you can relate to any of this, then this is THE game changer for you!


As you probably imagine, my list of "Must Read Books" is ever increasing. So much so, that I even largely relied on audiobooks at one point, just so that I could get through as many books as possible on my commute, while doing household chores, etc. But that "Must Read Books" list continued to grow. I think I probably even have several articles on how to speed read stashed away on Pocket at this point and even what to read, such as "Why You Should Read 50 Books This Year (And How To Do It)" or "How To Read 100 Books A Year" (and yes, I literally just pulled those from my articles list- see what I am dealing with here?) Clearly this must stop, and it's usually around this point that I somehow magic up a solution that seems incredibly obvious that should've occurred to me eons ago, but it finally hit me today. Two words: Book. Summaries. (Also, #boom).

Oh, I know what you book purists must be thinking (and silently judging)..that this is just a hack job at reading, kind of a shortcut through it all, but I'll be honest: I'm just never going to find the time otherwise. I admit defeat, that 'my eyes are bigger than my stomach' (or is it 'my bark is bigger than my bite'? I'm not really sure which applies here). But that does not mean giving up the fight and, in all seriousness, there have been some incredibly amazing advances and strides in the book summary market. I was shocked by how many awesome and (sometimes) free book summary resources are out there. And for me, this is THE total game changer to knowing it all (or as much as my little brain can hold anyway).

The Ultimate List Of Book Summary Websites

1. BOOKVIDEOCLUB- "A book in your brain in 5 minutes", they summarize nonfiction books in a hand-crafted video format. Not as much detail as others, however the main points are covered and it's quite entertaining to watch. (Free!).

2. SPARKNOTES- Primarily a resource for students with a mix of fiction (think literary classics) as well as nonfiction "SparkNotes is a resource you can turn to when you're confuzzled. We help you understand books, write papers, and study for tests. We're clear and concise, but we never leave out important info." (Free!).

3. BLINKIST- Choose audio or text, nonfiction only, "A smarter you in 15 minutes". Won "BEST OF APP STORE" 2014. (Free!-$79.99/annually).

4. DECONSTRUCTING EXCELLENCE: 8 - 12 pages long summaries, on average, each interspersed with references and links to similar content from other sources about the author's points. Appears to only be nonfiction. (Free!).

5. BOOKS | Derek Sivers: Derek Sivers posts his notes on each book he reads. These are in note form, as opposed to a summary format, but there are a large number of nonfiction books covered. (Free!).

6. ACTIONABLE BOOKS: "865 business book summaries with personality. Insights you can apply in
five minutes." Well organized, but less detail. Each summary has a few "gems" from the book, but have read others comment that they usually don't give you the full story. (I haven't confirmed this myself, however.) (Free!).

7. WIKISUMMARIES: Medium selection, variety of fiction/nonfiction. Anyone can edit, so quality can vary. (Free!).

8. AMAZON: You can search Amazon and buy book summaries individually (usually $1 - $3), or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for $9.99/month and get some of them without paying any extra. 

9. SUMMARIES: Provides concise 8-page executive summaries of the latest business books. ($12/month-$450/pack).

10. GETFLASHNOTES: Self-Help & Business Book Summaries You Can Read or Listen to in Under 20 Minutes. ($1/trial-$29/month).

11. READITFOR.me: 12-minute animated book briefs and hour-long workshops inspired by the world's best business books. (Free-$29.99/month-$299/annually).

12. SOUNDVIEW EXECUTIVE BOOK SUMMARIES: Subjects covered include leadership, management, marketing, sales, career development and more, and all content is mobile-ready. ($99-$259/annually).

13. KNOWLAA: Learn new skills, boost your personality, or digest an entire book in 10 minutes! Animated video summaries. ($27/month-$250/annually).

14. BUSINESS BOOK SUMMARIES: "The Best in Business Knowledge" they provide summaries in over 30 languages and in multiple formats, including PDF, MP3, HTML, and iPhone. 2,300 database. ($9.95/per summary-$69/six months-$99/annually).

15. THE BUSINESS SOURCE: "Get the Key Ideas from a Great Business Book in Minutes" ($130-$695/annually).

16. getabstract: 10,000 summaries "The world of business,summarized. The world’s largest resource of business knowledge. The best business book summaries, plus relevant reports and videos, compressed."(Try it free, $89-$999/annually).

Have you tried these websites? Do you have any other book summary websites or other shortcuts to reading you'd like to add?  Share your experience with us!
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