The 12 Best Carpool, Rideshare, and Designated Driver Apps

best carpool, rideshare, and dd apps

With game day just around the corner, bookmark this now. Whether you need a designated driver, want to save money on transportation costs, or just want to live a greener lifestyle, these are the 12 best carpool, rideshare, and designated driver apps we could find.


1. Lyft: One of the biggest names in the ridesharing space, Lyft lets riders instantly and easily connect with drivers to get to their destination. The app is user friendly, secure and fun to use. They offer a linking service that connects riders on similar routes to drop your rate and reduce the impact of your drive.

2. Uber: The other big name in the ridesharing space, Uber is a slightly classier version that allows you to choose your vehicle type, up to a black car to get around town. They too offer a share for carpool options.

3. Getaround: Getaround describes itself as peer-to-peer carsharing and rental. It’s an easy app that lets you share your own car instead of letting it sit idle in the garage. Similar to a carshare program, but with the added bonus of connecting with your neighbors with a range of cool cars. The app helps you find and unlock the cars easily, so you can get on your way quickly. Available in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Chicago, Portland and Washington D.C.

4. Sidecar: SideCar is on a mission to transform transportation by building a more affordable, accessible way to get where you’re going. They offer three services: Sidecar, a ride app that connects riders with everyday drivers in their personal vehicle; Shared Rides, a discounted instant carpooling app; and Sidecar Deliveries, which combines people and packages on the same route for the fastest, most affordable and innovative same-day delivery solution for retailers. It’s currently available in San Francisco, Seattle, Oakland/Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Long Beach, and Charlotte, NC.


5. Carma Carpooling: “Shared car seats means a faster, greener and more affordable commute,” says Carma. This adorable app lets users build a carpool in cities around the world. Carma differentiates itself as a carpooling app rather than ridesharing app, connecting riders and drivers headed the same direction. Riders pay $.20 per mile, standard, which means drivers don’t make a profit, but it does help offset costs, and let’s people commute with a clearer conscious. Currently available in Austin, Bergen, Chicago, Cork, Dublin, Houston, Kinsale, Los Angeles, New York, Oslo, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Toronto, and Washington, .

6. Europe’s most popular carpooling website. Carpooling connects drivers and passengers to share a ride, save costs, reduce carbon emissions and have meaningful experiences. Travelers can use the service via free mobile apps (iPhone and Android) and on the web.

7. Rideshare: Carpooling and fleet solutions for offices and campuses! This relatively old company (35 years!) offers a variety of ride sharing options for commuters: An easy fleet program, hassle free long term and short-term lease program for transport and shuttle vehicles. Easy commute, a comprehensive web-based incentive program to help an organizations’ commuters save money and energy. And easy green carpools: full service, energy efficient, organized carpools.

8. Zimride: Now backed by Enterprise, Zimride helps you connect drivers and passengers or groups with stuff in common. Zimride is only available to universities and corporations, but offers a great way to connect with those in your immediate area to share rides.

9. RideScout: Ridescout is an app the combines information about all available route options: bus, rail, bikeshare, car share, taxi, carpool, walking, biking, driving and parking. “We bring the entire transportation ecosystem together,” said RideScout CEO, Joseph Kopser. RideScout is available in dozens of cities across the country: find your location here. This is perfect for carpooling because you can see which options are best for your group in the moment!

10. Rydes: Rydes is a pre-scheduled and on demand transportation app for both iPhone and Android. Rydes lets you find the drivers you like and specifically request them, and allows you to order a ride ahead of time, something that some other apps are lacking, This means you can use Rydes to plan ahead for a carpool to work or for your after-work party. It’s easy to split the fare, and they have no price surges during peak hours.


11. ZipCar: Though it’s not necessarily a carpooling or ridesharing app, ZipCar allows drivers from around the world to avoid the hassle of owning their own car. Simply search for a car, hop on over to unlock it with your ZipCar FOB, and you’re on your way to a day of errands, a night out, or a week away. You can use this to create your own super eco-carpools by setting them up on Carma and then using a ZipCar to get you there!

12. BeMyDD: Founded in 2010, BeMyDD (Be My Designated Driver) is the nation's largest designated driver service, currently operating in 76 markets in 31 states. This convenient, safe, reliable and affordable alternative transportation service provides a chauffeur at a discounted rate by driving the customer's automobile. Professional, experienced drivers are fully background-screened, interviewed and insured by ByMyDD and wear formal business attire. (Find other designated driver apps on Appcrawlr ).

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