The Ultimate Podcasts To Laugh With This Year

Ah, Wednesdays..the day of mid-week slump (totally guilty of that today). It's also the reason for our Play blog, because if there were ever a day that needed more play, it's Wednesdays. Today, we thought you could use a laugh (it is the best medicine, after all), so we searched the web for the ultimate podcasts to laugh with this year. Thanks to TED, we found these 8 podcasts to help put a smile on your face. And keep it there :)


The Ultimate Podcasts To Laugh With This Year

1. The Indoor Kids
A podcast dedicated to video games, action figures, comic books and more. “It’s hosted by Kumail Nanjiani, from Silicon Valley, and Emily V. Gordon, who — full disclosure — is a friend I’ve been bonding with over random pop culture stuff since college,” says Torgovnick May. ”It’s hilarious. A nice moment in the week to indulge in assorted nerdery.”

2. #GoodMuslimBadMuslim
Comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh and writer Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed join forces to examine pop culture, current events and religious identity in America — via their own experiences as young Muslim-American women in California. “Every episode offers smart, funny insights and a fresh, nuanced perspective on the headlines,” says Laura McClure of TED-Ed.

3. Pop Rocket
“It’s a weekly conversation about pop culture,” says Sacha Vega of our Design Services team. “The hosts combine comic, journalistic, academic and digital media expertise to give a really fun, varied update of the things they love to love.”


4. WTF with Marc Maron
A classic podcast from comedian Marc Maron, in which he interviews musicians, writers, directors, actors and, naturally, other comedians. Video editor Isaac Wayton loves the show’s casual vibe. “Because of his self-deprecating humor, Marc creates a comfortable atmosphere for guests to open up and talk about their awkward past, how they became ‘famous,’ or just have a casual conversation about everyday life,” he says.

5. Call Chelsea Peretti
“It’s a call-in show,” says Jessica Ruby of TED-Ed, who is a big fan. “Chelsea is wry, plays little games with her callers, and doesn’t take any of it too seriously.” 

6. Call Your Girlfriend
“The premise of the podcast is: two long-distance best friends catch up with each other,” says Vega. “The conversation can go anywhere from general life updates to political legislation, Kanye West, tech news, period jokes. I love it because it feels like a genuine conversation between two friends who are hard-working and creative.”

7. Pop Culture Happy Hour
Guy Raz, the host of TED Radio Hour, loves this NPR podcast. “It’s an incredibly entertaining, smart show where Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, Glen Weldon and a rotating cast of characters discuss movies, TV and books,” he says. “It’s accessible — meaning it’s still great even when you haven’t seen the movie or TV show — and you come out of each episode feeling connected to the world and the people around you.” 


8. Analyze Phish
The premise of this now-ended podcast by comedian pals Harris Wittels and Scott Aukerman? Wittels loves the band Phish, while Aukerman hates them, so Wittels does his best to sort through the band’s catalogue and recruit Aukerman to his side. Wittels died last year, but as Ruby says: “it’s one of the most joyful podcasts I’ve ever heard. It’s for comedy and music fans alike — even, or especially, those who can’t stomach Phish.”

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