What topics do you cover?

Check out our categories list. For now, we're covering Travel, Food/Drink, Health/Beauty, DIY/Learning, Inspiration, and Entertainment that we welcome and invite contributors for. We also feature a Product Guide and a Blog. If you have a request or suggestion for more topics, please let us know!

Who can become a contributor?

Anyone who can write. Can't write? WE LOVE VIDEOS, too. 

How do I become a contributor?

Send us a request on our Contact page or email us @ LiveMore@aliving.co 

How are contributors compensated?

In addition to "Your Wellspring", where you're choosing your own forms of engagement with your audiences, for each published article you'll automatically receive one entry in our special giveaways to win free stuff (currently a $50 Amazon E-gift card). You'll also receive discounts in our upcoming online store.

What can I link to in Your Wellspring™?

  • Tip jars and donation pages, such as PayPal, .
  • Memorials.
  • Online petitions.
  • Personal website pages, such as a blog, an Etsy shop, etc. 
  • Newsletter subscriptions.
  • Wish lists (keep in mind, your information may be publicly accessed, so be sure to do your research). 
  • Charities, such as Charity: Water.
  • Fundraisers, such as a Kickstarter campaign, YouCaring campaign, etc. 
  • Basically, we accept most URLS, but we check them to ensure they meet the best standards for the experience of our readers (NO AFFILIATE LINKS ALLOWED, nothing illegal, etc). If there is something we simply cannot promote, we'll let you know.

Tell me more about Your Wellspring™.

First, we ask that you provide us with a small introduction, like a summary of your bio or perhaps an explanation of why you're here. The point is to really engage with your readers and audience. This is your place to promote, honor, support, and help to your heart's content on A LIVING .Co, although we do limit it to 3 links per post. Your links can be unique for each post you contribute, however, so you can support three charities with one post, a personal blog and a couple of fundraisers with another post, and so on. It's our way of supporting our contributors in more meaningful directions and building a better community based on real engagement between readers and contributors.

Can I change my links?

We ask that you limit link change requests to once every 3 months. This gives us time to promote your work and causes. Just send a request through our website or email us with "Link Change Request" in the subject line. Please provide the URL of the post(s) you'd like link changes made for.

How does A LIVING .Co make money?

Ads, donations, affiliate links, and our upcoming online store. 

Will you change my content?

We proofread every article with Grammarly (and we always note any edits at the end of your articles). We also add affiliate links where they make the most sense for the experience of our readers and may add an intro to your article to help you reach more audiences, but we are committed to maintaining the integrity of your voice throughout the content. If you have any questions or requests, just let us know!