Muddy Santa Boots Cocktail

In a past life, I used to bartend. My claim to fame was winning a drink contest sponsored by Grey Goose vodka and Conde Nast, resulting in an all expenses paid trip to Miami, a never-to-be-forgotten poolside cabana dinner at the Delano, and a party at the former Versace mansion where I met Flava Flav.

This is not that drink.

This is the drink I made when I searched the house today for ingredients. And I was actually shocked that googling "Muddy Santa Boots" turned up nothing (although feel free to make your own variations on this Muddy Santa Boots cocktail and share them in the comments below).

So, without further ado:


Muddy Santa Boots Cocktail

  • 1.5 oz of vodka

  • 1 oz of amaretto

  • 3 oz of pomegranate juice

  • 1 teaspoon of ginger simple syrup (you can make this easily with equal parts sugar and water, boil until sugar dissolves, then add grated ginger and simmer. I used 1/4 cup of sugar, 1/4 of water, and about a teaspoon of grated ginger, which was enough for about 2 drinks.)

 Pour above ingredients into a shaker tin with ice, cover with lid, then shake   vigorously to fully incorporate the simple syrup.

  • You will also need:

    • Coarsely grated dark chocolate (I just grabbed a snack sized bar and grated that).

    • 1.5 oz of club soda

  1. Rim a cocktail glass with the grated dark chocolate (I dipped mine in the leftover simple syrup for more ginger flavor, but you can also dip in lime juice beforehand. This is to ensure that the chocolate adheres properly).

  2. Strain the shaker tin into the cocktail glass and top with club soda.

  3. Enjoy!

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