4 Simple Steps To Unleashing Your Happiest Life Ever

steps to happiness

I think sometimes we try so hard to make everyone else happy, that we end up putting ourselves on the sidelines; a quiet witness to the happiness in others, worried that somehow our own happiness robs others of theirs. While I tend to agree that misery seems to love company (just look at your facebook feed and you'll see evidence of that), that shouldn't keep you from living fearlessly in your own happiness no matter how lonely that path may feel at times. You have everything you will ever need within you to unleash and live your happiest life ever. HerAfter recently shared these 4 simple steps to help unleash your happiness, which we agree wholeheartedly with. Take a look: 

1. Give yourself permission to go after what you really want. Your permission is the only one that matters.
Give yourself the ultimate permission to stop worrying about what everyone’s reactions will be to your next move – talking to the guy at the bar, traveling to India, starting a blog – and start living only by what you’ll be proud of, or absolutely regret not doing when your very short life comes to an end. Because at that last moment, you will go forth out of this life alone, and you’ll have wanted to achieved your own approval of the life you lived.
2. Make it a priority to do small things that bring you joy. Do at least one every single day.

Women, especially, please make this rule your number one priority today, every day. You are deserving of a life full of small and simple pleasures that make you feel good, that remind you of your worthiness, and that bring you joy. Everyone around you will always have a list of 100 things you could or should do for them, but you are the only person who can give you the little pleasures you want to get you through each day. A hot bath, time alone to read a book, chocolate, a daily meditation practice. Even if it’s just a mug that has a saying to inspire you. Give yourself little gifts of joy every day. I promise, the practice will be come contagious, and you’ll be bringing yourself and everyone around you little joys too.

3. Surround yourself with beautiful things, and you will have a beautiful life.

In scenery, artwork, music, conversations, flavors and souls. Surround yourself with things that are truly beautiful, not only aesthetically pleasing, but also authentic, genuine, and natural. You will be astounded at the way your ability to create and enjoy expands when you put in your own path inspirations and muses. It is absolutely impossible for a person to not see how beautiful and incredible this world is whilst standing in front of Monet’s Nymphaes. The same is true for a mountain view, a plate of freshly roasted vegetables straight from the garden, the works of Miles Davis, and a true and honest conversation with a very old friend. So go to museums, listen to classical, feast your eyes and mouth on hand-crafted macaroons, watch documentaries. If you want to have a beautiful life, first make a devoted commitment to putting beautiful things and experiences within your life, and watch the rest unfold.

It’s simple, and it’s true. Surround yourself with true beauty, and your life will become a beautiful experience.

4. Never let money, status, or other people make or break your sense of peace.

Never. Never. Never. A very wise, successful, award-winning lawyer once told me that money will always come and go; do what you love. And it’s true, money and other people and other people’s opinions will always come and go. Your peace will not. Your peace and contentment will wait patiently for you in the depths of your own heart while you base your happiness on fleeting things. Then when you’re ready to let go of all that superficiality, your peace will welcome you back in and you’ll see you had happiness and peace right inside you all along.


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