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Ok, ok..I know what you're thinking- why in the world are we talking about fitness on a travel page? Good question, although in reality the two are not exactly mutually exclusive. Let's be honest, from loading and carrying your luggage, traversing long, exhausting airports, and literally running to reach the gate before your plane takes off, clearly the question is- how can we make travel a daily part of our fitness, because it's clearly something we become so easily lost in the process of doing that we don't even realize how hard we're working out! That's where we've come in :)


We thought about adding this to our Embody page last week, although if you missed our piece regarding starting a daily meditation practice, go read that first and come back. Finished? Good. Because this is also a way of training your brain (and body!).

We know many of you are planning on starting your New Years/fitness resolution of hitting the gym regularly next week. And some of you may have already gotten a jump start to beat those first month crowds. But we all know how it turns out by July- gyms can become a ghost town because the motivation has run out for so many. Part of the problem is, we listen to the same music over and over, watch the same tired old tv shows, and although we may try to listen to podcasts, it just isn't really the same. It's difficult to keep a challenging rate of speed on a treadmill, elliptical, rower, or exercise bike if you're too engaged in listening to what is being said or if your half-hour tv show has ended (or god forbid, the season is over!). And it's easy to justify skipping a day, week, or more if you're not really committed to or compelled by some other aspect. That's why we say, in 2016, you should travel the world. Well, in the comfort of your own home or gym, for starters. :)

So, with that, we've collected a few youtube channels with driver's view train videos to really make you feel like a part of the experience. Watch them on your TV or iPad at the gym to literally keep moving forward in your workouts. You'll feel like you are making amazing progress and reaching breakneck speed on those days you feel sluggish, challenged to keep moving at a constant rate, and inspired to keep coming back to see parts of the world that most people will never get the opportunity to see, because most of these are not short, although we did add one for starting out. Of course, you're also welcome to watch these while sitting in the comfort of your home or office, but we prefer the potential future in virtual reality being utilized in this experience. Also, you may still want to listen to some music with these videos, such as an amazing new artist :) And be sure to enjoy your trip!

Via Timsvideochannel1: Travel aboard a Wellington suburban train and see New Zealand's beautiful Kapiti Coast, as the train driver sees it, on a bright sunny afternoon.

3. Or Google "NRK's 'Slow TV'"

Via 1slowtv: 7.5 hours showing every minute of the scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo. Relax and enjoy the ride...

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